About Us

GK Real Estate is a commercial real estate investment firm based in Chicago, Illinois.

About GK Real Estate

We provide opportunities to invest in diversified real estate assets ranging from stabilized, income-producing properties to cutting-edge developments.

With 25 years of proven success in projects across the risk and use spectrum we have the experience and foresight to meet today’s real estate challenges. Our firm is hands-on, with wide ranging real estate skill sets that touches on retail, office, hospitality, medical and multi-family. GK Real Estate unites investment strategy, leasing, property management, construction, design and financing under one roof. We are an adaptable investment firm with a robust team and a history of dependable investment results.

At our core, GK Real Estate is an entrepreneurial opportunity-driven organization that has the insight and flexibility to adjust to a changing real estate market. With prudent financial controls, disciplined decision-making, and continuous oversight, we manage our growing portfolio with an ever-steady hand. In deal-making, our focus is always on building trust and maintaining enduring, mutually rewarding relationships with business partners, financial institutions, industry peers, tenants, and municipalities. GK Real Estate creates value for investors by focusing on 5 key stratagems.

GK Real Estate creates value for investors by focusing on 5 key stratagems


Acquire diverse, opportunistic real estate assets with value-add potential and a focus on location.


Execute efficiently and dependably with in-house asset management, leasing, property management, design, construction and financing.


Redevelop, reposition, and redefine existing properties for the constantly changing real estate industry.


Maintain and nurture stabilized, income-producing properties to create value.


Grow the best team to actualize our real estate vision.

Our Values



We believe in trust, honesty, humility and responsibility. These principles guide everything we do.



We have built a team of the best in the industry, with diverse real estate and investing skill sets across varied product types and a vibrant blend of youth and experience.



We hold ourselves to the highest standards, utilizing robust metrics and evaluation strategies to ensure informed decision making and dependable results.

Aligned Interests

Aligned Interests

We put our own capital alongside our investors and share the risks and rewards of our transactions.